Berlin Buzzwords 2014

The fifth edition of Berlin Buzzwords was held in Berlin from 25th to 28th of May. This conference is about storing, analysing and searching massive amounts of digital data. Enonic was of course present to take the pulse of the search, scale and store community of Europe. Here are some highlights from my point of view.

Elastic Events

Real-time indexing of events with ElasticSearch

A common need in many applications, including Enonic CMS, is the possibility to store and retrieve events. What differentiates events from other types of content or data, is the requirement to be stored quickly and transparently. Often, there are hundreds or thousands of events produced per second. They might not be the main purpose of the application, but still it's important to be able to access and analyze the information later on. Events can be useful for tracing and debugging; they can also be mined to discover interesting trends and patterns.