Enonic Labs - play, learn, innovate

Enonic Labs is our 20% initiative. All technicians get to spend a whole working day, each week, on their very own project - and getting paid for doing so. The initiative was initially inspired by Google, but at Enonic we have driven this even further - where each employee gets a fixed day every week for this work, to secure progress and make sure everyone can prioritize lab activities.

labs fussball

 Sounds too good you say? Well it almost is, but there are three caveats:

  • The project should be of some relevance to Enonic - typically related to experimenting with web technology or obtaining new skills.
  • When projects are completed, or reach a certain maturity, the employee must compose a blog entry and publish it on this site - for the amusement and education of us all!
  • Finally, when working in our lab, employees are required to wear our custom designed lab coats.

We hope you enjoy this site. Feel free to comment or get in touch with us!