Enonic 5 M4 - Demo Video

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Enonic 5 - M4 App Launcher
Application Launch Screen

We are thrilled to deliver our first public demo of Enonic 5 with the release of Milestone 4. Enonic 5 is no longer just a CMS - but a full blown Platform for Digital Experiences.

This 15 minute long video demonstrates some of the core concept and the brand new user interface. The video focuses on the CMS capabilities of the platform in particular.

Demonstrated features

  • Application Launch Panel
  • Faceted Navigation and search
  • Preview Panel
  • Bulk selection
  • Site and Content creation
  • Responsive Landing Page Editing
  • Page Components - Parts, Layouts and Images
  • Page Templates
  • Context Aware Configuration Panel
  • Device Emulation

Future Videos

For every major milestone we will post new videos - with milestone 5 due this summer.
We have _many_ more surprises coming your way - stay tuned!