This week at Enonic (2014, week 10)

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    We have another site launch this week, as well as a sneak-peak on the fully responsive interface of Enonic 5.

    What happened this week?

    • Mills launched a new sites built on Enonic CMS this week. is a is an educational site about choosing healthy fats. Design by Craft, implemented by Enonic.
    • Have a look below for a new screenshot from the fully responsive admin interface of the next version of Enonic CMS.
    • Statens Vegvesen is now live on Enonic CMS 4.7.
    • Bobby has posted a short article about how browser extensions can make Enonic's XML output a bit prettier and easier to handle


    If you are interested in Enonic CMS training, the following courses are coming up. Follow this link to sign up.

    • March 11-12, 2014: Developer 3 - Integrations and Plugins
    • March 27, 2014: Hosting
    • April 2, 2014: Content Manager
    • April 3, 2014: Site Manager
    • May 6-7, 2014: Developer 1 - Site configuration
    • May 12-13, 2014: Developer 2 - Template development
    • May 20-21, 2014: Developer 3 - Integrations and plugins
     The new Mills site
    Mills Sunt Fett
    A screenshot from the development version of Enonic 5

    Enonic 5 responsive admin (under development)