This week at Enonic (2014, week 3)

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    The weekend is almost here, and it is time for a new update from our main office. Keep reading to get the latest news about the upcoming 4.7.5 and 5.0 releases.

    What happened this week?

    • Our service, Enonic CMS hosted at Enonic, has been renamed to Enonic Cloud. Read more about this service here.
    • Norsk Tipping, the national lottery in Norway, has gone live with their new site.
    • We have initiated code freeze on 4.7 and started testing for the 4.7.5 release. 140 system tests are run automatically to make sure none of the standard operations of the CMS are  broken, while integration testing of all the new features and bug fixes will be performed manually. 
    • XSLT rendering in 5.0 portal is now in place in a pluggable fashion. Mustache is already supported.
    • Rendering placeholders in 5.0 has been redesigned to be simpler and more open.
    • Trying to tame Asynchronous JavaScript and "Pyramids of Doom" with Finite State Machines and Promises
    • Started using the new ElasticSearch aggregations API in 5.0 for powerful facets.
    • Continued work on Context Server with the OASIS WEMI standard committee.
    • Cleaning up datasets can be fustrating and time consuming. Read how a plugin in Enonic CMS can be used to perform batch editing of content in this labs article.
    • A new round of training courses is starting soon. We still have some available seats, sign up now!


    If you are interested in Enonic CMS training, the following courses are coming up. Follow this link to sign up.

    • February 4, 2014: Content Manager
    • February 5, 2014: Site Manager
    • February 26-27, 2014: Developer 1 - Site Configuration
    • March 4-5, 2014: Developer 2 - XSLT Development
    • March 11-12, 2014: Developer 3 - Integrations and Plugins
    • March 27, 2014: Hosting