This week at Enonic (2014, week 44)

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    This week's major news event is the release of milestone 6 of Enonic 5. Read more about all the new features.

    What happened this week?

    We have now released 5.0 milestone 6 (5.0.0-M6). This is a tagged development release that is NOT feature complete. 
    It is not intended to be used in production environments and should only be used as a technology preview

    • Initial documentation has been added, we are using Asciidoctor
    • Several new input types; tag, time, date, datetime, geolocation, number
    • Site templates have been removed to reduce complexity
    • Page templates can now be built using WYSIWYG and published with content
    • The form app has been removed, forms (i.e. content types) are now coming directly from modules
    • Dynamic metadata. Add custom steps with custom fields when creating content. As an example, "show in menu" is now optional metadata
    • Standardised interface between Java and Javascript. Build and share functionality in Java with the scripting layer
    • The image component has been separated from templates, look forward to cropping and other features in M7
    • The module app is now using web socket and server events, and is always updated on changes on the server
    • Detailed info about a module is shown when it is selected
    • A format for import and export has been defined
    • Detail page which lists versions and publishing information


    Download here: (TAR.GZ) (ZIP)

    Also, up-to-date documentation: (ZIP)!/index.html (DIRECT)

    As with all development releases we expect bugs and problems. Known problems are documented in the troubleshooting section in the documentation.


    Enonic 5




    If you are interested in Enonic CMS training, the following courses are coming up. Follow this link to sign up.

    • Nov 10-11, 2014: Developer 1 - Site Configuration
    • Nov 12-13, 2014: Developer 2 - XSLT Development
    • Nov 18-19, 2014: Developer 3 - Integrations and plugins
    • Dec 9, 2014: Content Manager
    • Dec 10, 2014: Site Manager