This week at Enonic (2014, week 6)

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    Keep reading to get a summary of what happened in the world of Enonic last week, including a sneak peek at the next version of Enonic CMS, the long awaited 5.0.

    What happened this week?

    • NSB Passenger Train Division is live on Enonic CMS 4.7. Congratulations!
    • We have started a project to redo This week we held meetings with several design partners and presented our ideas. Offers are due by 21st of February. Stay tuned.
    • The next version of Enonic CMS is built from the ground up, which among a lot of cool new features include an easy to use administration tool. Below is a screenshot of how the "app selector" in admin looks at the moment.
    • We are currently doing a photo shoot of our new office. A sneak peek is attached below. More images will be published continuously on our Facebook page.
    • Bobby has written some words about his experience with todo lists in Asana.
    • Developer training courses are coming up, sign up now!


    If you are interested in Enonic CMS training, the following courses are coming up. Follow this link to sign up.

    • February 26-27, 2014: Developer 1 - Site Configuration
    • March 4-5, 2014: Developer 2 - XSLT Development
    • March 11-12, 2014: Developer 3 - Integrations and Plugins
    • March 27, 2014: Hosting

    enonic 5 app selector

    The "app selector" in the next version of Enonic CMS.


    Enonic entrance

    A sneak peek from the photo shoot of our new office.