This week at Enonic (2015, week 12)

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    We have been working hard with the 5.0.1 release this week, and we are also getting prepared for next week's release event in Oslo. It is still possible to sign up!

    What happened this week?

    • Our release event next week is the official launch event for our customers and contacts in Norway. Registration and welcome drinks at 14:30, then we start off with a 1 hour keynote at 15:00. After the keynote we will serve food and drinks, while we continue the discussions. Please sign up at
    • We are working on a skeleton module which will work as a base when you create new modules. It will contain a recommended structure, naming conventions and so on. 
    • We are also working on a wireframing / prototyping module. This will let you build a wireframe or prototype of a site, which can be handy in the design stage. An early screenshot can be found below.



    If you are interested in Enonic CMS training, the following courses are coming up. Follow this link to sign up.

    • Mar 26, 2015: Hosting
    • Apr 14, 2015: Content Manager
    • Apr 15, 2015: Site Manager
    • Apr 21-22, 2015: Developer 1- Site Configuration
    • Apr 28-29, 2015: Developer 2 - XSLT Development
    • May 5-6, 2015: Developer 3 - Integrations and Plugins
    • May 28, 2015: Hosting




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